Train with us

Our holistic approach to training produces uniquely competent divers and enables a smooth progression from recreational to technical diving and beyond. 

Using the GUE “begin with the end in mind” philosophy, not only will equipment operation and the related procedures learned in the first course follow divers for the rest of their diving careers, but the modular system removes the need for gear replacement as divers progress, allowing them to add components as required for advanced applications. From day one, divers will practice in equipment configurations used by leading explorers.

In addition to supporting muscle memory, team compatibility, and familiarity, the GUE equipment configuration is a tested and proven no-nonsense system that emphasizes minimalism, streamlining, and reliability. If this equipment is good enough to support some of the most advanced and exploratory dives done on the planet, it is good enough for any diver, anywhere!

We are technical divers, explorers, and professional educators who have experience working with people from all walks of life. Together, we have trained wounded warriors, FBI dive teams, professional athletes, billionaires, and everyone in between from an introductory Discover Scuba session to training and certifying GUE technical instructors.

By offering training from two different certifying agencies, we can tailor a training program to fit the needs of any individual or group. GUE is a prestigious agency known for maintaining some of the highest standards in the industry. To see our available GUE courses, click here.

NAUI Instructors are qualified, professional educators who are granted academic freedom to teach diving in any reasonable manner as long as standards and policies are met. This design allows for flexibility in teaching. Instructors may exceed NAUI standards in ways that do not jeopardize student safety. Examples include exceeding the number of required open water dives or increasing the academic content. One of the things the NAUI Credo states is that it is more important to train a few students well than to certify many marginally trained divers. We further believe that educational quality must never be sacrificed for economic reasons.  To see our available NAUI courses, click here.