GUE Courses

Learn to dive with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE). GUE has the highest standards in the industry and GUE divers are renowned for their skill and ability. Click on any of the course titles below for more information.

Recreational Diver 1

Recreational Diver 2

Recreational Diver 3

GUE Fundamentals

Diver Propulsion Vehicle 1

Doubles Primer

Drysuit Primer

Technical Diver 1

Technical Diver 2

Rebreather Diver


About GUE

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) represents a global network of GUE communities, empowered by highly refined diver training programs and inspired to explore and conserve the world’s aquatic environments.

GUE is a leader in scuba education, developing numerous industry-first training protocols with a global cast of extremely knowledgeable professional educators and producing divers of exceptional quality. These educational programs enable divers to enjoy a nearly unlimited range of opportunities, including conservation programs, exploration projects, and documentation adventures. GUE-trained divers are found in far-reaching global communities that offer many social and support opportunities alongside a host of unique and challenging underwater projects.

GUE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses a small but efficient staff. We are supported by our divers and members—consider joining GUE today!

GUE Mission Statement

Global Underwater Explorers is building global communities of passionate divers, empowered by high-quality training and organized to support wide-ranging diving activities. These communities contain and partner with dedicated explorers, conservationists and scientific researchers to conduct a diversity of aquatic initiatives around the world.