Introduction to Technical Diving


This course is designed to give the diver an opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge, and equipment configuration, thereby increasing their safety and efficiency. This
course is also intended to introduce divers to the discipline of technical diver training.

Graduates are considered competent to enter a NAUI technical diver course once all prerequisites are met. This course gives a recreational diver the ability to increase their confidence and skills while remaining within no- decompression limits, and by utilizing streamlined and efficient equipment configurations improve their skills. Graduates will have an increased skill set awareness and responsibility. Additional goals of the course are improving non-technical skills and techniques and building diver confidence.


  • Age. Minimum is 15 years by the water phase of the course.
  • Certification/Experience/Knowledge.
    • NAUI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent.
    • NAUI EANx Diver or equivalent.
    • NAUI Advanced Diver or equivalent.
    • Proof of at least 25 logged dives with 10 dives on EANx.
    • The instructor is to ensure adequate student knowledge and capability before any open water training and shall use skill or other evaluations to do so. One open water dive (which does not count toward the minimum number of dives required for the course) may be used as a screening and evaluation dive. This is not required when the student’s diving proficiencies are well known to the instructor.