Back Plate / Wing Package - Single Tank

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Take your diving to the next level with this Scubapro Back Plate and Wing package. The back plate and wing setup has been used by cave and technical divers for decades. Among the many advantages to diving with a back plate and wing system, the most notable are durability, modularity, dynamic stability, and the elimination of several common failure points in most BCDs on the market today.

The X-TEK Donut Wing’s shape and internal design mean you can always expect unparalleled buoyancy control. Built rugged for years of active back plate diving, they are offered in two lift capacities.

The X-TEK Stainless Steel Back Plate features an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort, control and stability. It's the perfect addition to any tech or rec system. The 5 lb back plate allows you to reduce the amount of lead you must stuff into your pouches.

The X-TEK Single Tank Adapter provides an easy way to convert from double tank to single tank diving.

The back plate pad is also a storage pouch for an SMB or lift bag.

The basic X-TEK PURE harness creates a comfortable foundation for building a system to carry single or double tanks. Includes 2” webbing harness and all hardware.

The X-TEK crotch strap can really lock in a back plate system, securing the rig so that it almost becomes a part of your body, virtually eliminating shifting no matter what position you are in the water.

Upgrade your rig by adding a Quick Release Weight Pocket System to your X-TEK Pure-Tek harness.

Some divers prefer Trim Weight Pockets over QR style pockets. These pouches are an efficient way to fine-tune your at-depth trim position.

Easily convert to a double tank system by removing the Single Tank Adapter are swapping the wing with a single tank wing.

Package includes:

  • Wing with LP inflator hose
  • Stainless Steel Back Plate
  • Storage Pack / Back Pad with mounting hardware
  • Single Tank Adapter with two cam bands and hardware
  • Pure-Tek harness with all hardware
  • Crotch Strap